Friday, April 17, 2009

Barney says "Share!"

My little cousin used to say, "Sabi ni Barney, share!!!" when he wanted to have something from you. He was and still is a fan of Barney...Cute,isn't it? What's even more funny is when he doesn't want to share with you something he's got. We'll say, " 'Di ba sabi ni Barney share?". Then he would reply, "Sabi ni Barney, hindi lahat sini-share!". All of us would burst into laughter. That was the story behind the title of today's post...XD

Notice that cute award on the right of my blog site? It was Nicole of who shared it to me. Now it's time for me to share it with others too.

First, here are the rules of the AWARD (click to see)
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Time to share...
Here are the 7 lucky bloggers...YAY for all of us!!!Woot!

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There! ♥
Thanks soooo much to Nicole!!!

a warm welcome...

Ada, or Lara, gave me one welcome-back-gift that looks so cute! Oh look it has that cutie chick she used to fancy so much before! haha XD okay, that was random! ;p But hey, thanks! Now I envy your photoshop skills... T T

And to complete my special come-back, my chatmate/sister/online friend/etc. has just made her own blog site! I only suggested creating one to her a few minutes ago then when I came back from dinner, tada! She's got her own blog already! yay! check it out!

There. I'm so happy!

cRazyKaRt cRaze!!!

It was Jessa, one of my fave linkies, who told me about this cool game. She said it was her current addiction. You could view that comment on my c-box by the way. So, i wasn't really that much interested by then. Then my cousins told me that they have accounts in that online game and that it was indeed a cool game. I got curious and decided to check it out and see for myself. After sometime, i got sooo addicted to it that i even got past the current levels of some of my cousins. I'm not really a good player but I came to be familiar with some of the beginner's maps of the game.

To those who are bored and who are hunting for a cool game to pass the time, here's something you would surely love. Crazykart requires dowloading, but i assure you that it's worth the effort and memory of your pc. So, if you already have an account or is planning to create one, add me as a friend. Here's my username: "anajoaquin" and my nickname: "milkyknots". I would gladly race with you!:p

By the way, to anyone who cares, I'm back! I got over the creepy fear...haha...XD I badly missed blogging! woot! I missed ya guys! And Lara, don't forget the gift you promised me!!! <3

Saturday, April 11, 2009

bye for now!

Okay... So I haven't really done so much to this blog yet I'm already leaving it. I know, it's awful. Someone just warned me about posting too much personal details, photos and stuff...I didn't take it seriously at first, but after that, I realized how important privacy is. At first, I thought, 'I'm not even done with all those stuff I was planning to post for this blog, etc. And I haven't even met so much friends yet.' But after a while, that simple talk became very traumatic for me. I know, I'm a loser.

With that, I'm planning to leave this blog for now. Maybe I'll delete some posts which I think, are very emotional. Since I only have one picture, that would barely be a problem. Ugh! This is very funny! But I think I'd have to stop for a while until this crazy fear subsides. Creepy!

Friday, April 3, 2009

"Can you keep a secret?" ('Course i can!!! especially Jack Harper's)

"Can you keep a secret?" is just another masterpiece from the New York Times Best-selling author, Sophie Kinsella who is best known for her novel, "Confessions of a Shopaholic". The latter book has recently been adapted into a movie which hit the cinemas just a few weeks ago here in the Philippines! I saw it with a friend, Kat. We totally loved it! I even considered buying a new tee that says "Veni.Vidi.Visa - Icame. I saw. I shopped." I just thought that it would be a nice souvenir. It was my first time to go malling without a family with me anyway. It must be unforgettable I thought as an excuse. But alas, after trying it on inside the fitting room, i found out that the color doesn't suit my skintone. To make it even more perfect, the shirt has no other color available for that particular design. So I ended up buying another shirt that says, "I just realized, I don't care." I still like it anyway.

I was supposed to talk about the book, "can you keep a secret", right? ;P So here's how I had the chance to read it.

My cousin went home from their dorm to spend a few days at home and attend her sister's grad. She brought this book with her and showed it to me. All I said at first was, "Oh, I know the author! That must be a good book." Then she started to tell me the plot and after a few minutes, I was in another world. As long as I'm holding that book in front of my chinky eyes, nothing else could ever exist. (No. I'm exaggerating.) Yes, I was in another world with Emma Corrigan and Jack Harper except during the times when my mom would force me to eat breakfast saying I'd have cancer if I'll let 10 am pass without eating anything. Or when she asked me to help out with the house chores, etc.

Just like in any other love story I've read or watched, I found myself so into it once again. Well, I couldn't help myself!!! Jack Harper is such a romantic!!! Emma, like you would usually expect, is an ordinary girl. Despite all the cliches, It's still amazing!!!

I can't help but grip tighter into the book when Jack comes into the scene. I couldn't help but read the words again and again when I see the name "Jack" on the page I'm reading. I started reading this from the afternoon of April 2 and finished it just this morning. Th moment I got the chance to put my chubby fingers on the computer, I found myself typing the words, "Can you keep a secret" and "Jack Harper" on Google. I know I'll get over all this! But not soon, I suppose. ;( Jack Harper would surely be in my dreams for weeks. Ugh!

If you're crazy like me. And you love being so in love with fictional charcaters. Read "Can you keep a secret?" by Sophie Kinsella. It may not be the best. But at the moment, it is for


Forgive me. I can sometimes be crazy, like this. No, most of the time actually. Can you keep this secret? lol.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

"December Boys" (a late review) ;p

Just this morning, I remembered seeing the movie "December Boys" in the list of movies to be played on HBO in the past weeks. That time, I also remembered anticipating for this particular movie when I saw it in the trailers at the cinemas last year. Syempre, nandun si Harry Potter eh! (Daniel Radcliffe). I don't remember why I missed watching that movie when I was so excited about it even months before it was supposed to be playing on the cinemas.

To kill the boredom, I took the chance to watch it online. I already can't wait for HBO to play it. So here it goes:

The story started in the orphanage where the boys were living. It was an orphanage exclusively for boys. The four boys were named "December boys" for they were all born on the month of December as the name suggests. The boys are also individually known as "Misty", "Spit", "Spark" and "Maps"(Daniel, my idol!). Maps is the oldest of the boys and Misty is the youngest. The boys in the orphanage all dream of being adopted or saved one day.

December 1 comes and the four were recogized by the nun in front of the other boys. They were given small presents and were called in an office. There came the bigger surprise. The four were given the privilege to go on a holiday, on a beach!!! Thrilled, they journeyed into a very unfamiliar place. They went to the circus shows and met different friendly people. The old couple who took care of them were also kind.

Maps, who was in his adolescent years, was the most adventurous and the one who was easily tempted among the four. A girl about his age played along with him affectionately. She gave his first, and maybe the last, experiences on relationship. All came well for maps until Lucy had gone. Maps also felt upset and betrayed as he discovered more of the man in their neighbor who happens to be a potential poster parent to one of the boys. Raged, Maps immediately went looking for the three others and told them to pack-up. But Misty was the one who really wanted to be adopted. The three boys all wanted to be adopted. The scene ended up with the boys going on separate directions. But an incident made them go running back on the sea-side. Misty was drowning but Spit and Spark were too young to swim and rescue him. Maps went for the rescue after hearing Spit and Sparks' shouts. Under the water, Misty and Maps saw the image of Mother Mary glowing deep into the waters. Misty and Maps made up after the incident.

The time for them to go came. It was also time to know who will be adopted. Maps is betting on Misty. Spark and Spit still hopes to be adopted. Maps doesn't want to be adopted. The couple in their neighborhood decided to adopt Misty. Anyway, he was the one who was working very hard to show the couple he deserved to be adopted. Maps was very happy for him. The two other accepted it. Maps left Misty a lovely line for a goodbye, "Just remember Misty, no matter wha, you're still a DECEMBER BOY..." (I really loved that line!!! Almost cried but pulled back the tears...)

Then Misty seemed to realize how important his friends were to him. He told the couple, "I don't want you to be mad at me but I can't stay. If I was ever gonna be adopted, you're the best parents I'd ever have. And that's not a lie. (;p) But I've already got a family." as he looked at the three other december boys. In the end they were a real family after all. They bid the old couples goodbye and went on with their lives.

After some years, Misty went back to meet with Spark and Spit at the same beach. He brought with him Maps' ashes. Maps became a priest and went on a mission to help the Africans. Before he had gone, he wrote to Misty. Misty, Spark and Spit all took handfuls of his ashes and threw them to the air above the waters.

I totally love this movie not just because Daniel Radcliffe was there; although he portrayed an amazing role there. I love how the story wonderfully reflected the lives of kids going on their adolescence. It was also amazing how the movie pictured the lives of orphans who long for the love of parents. Nice movie! I highly recommend it to everyone!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

an addition...

To those who care, I just added a counter to my blogger! Yay! Notice that green thingy above my c-box? That's it! It tells us how many visits my blogger had. So please visit visit and visit me!!! Puhleeeeaaase!!! ^^ Thanks friends! And thanks to ;)

dancing fingers...

Last night, I planned to wake up early in the morning and start to do worthwhile things, maybe do a little stretching... But alas, my mom had to wake me up at 9 in the morning. My plan was ruined! What a bad way to start my day. Then after having my breakfast, my mom forced me to clean-up and organize my stuff. It was tiring and my head felt really painful and heavy. Time flew fast, there were hardly any time left for me to pack my things up, take a shower and prepare for my 3 pm piano lessons. I hurriedly forced the remaining old books, folders, art papers, etc. in an old organizer which used to hold my toys. I took a shower a few minutes faster than my average bath (which usually takes about an hour) and did all the other necessary preparations and finally, I was done in no time. I even had the luxury of taking a nap while waiting for 2:30.

When I arrived at the piano room, my teacher wasn't there yet. When she came, I already practiced what I thought we would be playing for the day. When she came, she asked me to play the pieces I was practicing. :) nice... The notes made me feel relaxed, at peace brushing away all the headaches this day had caused me to experience. But then it couldn't be all that easy... My mentor introduced the piece I, hopefully, would be playing at the recital on October/November. I just wish I could make until then. It was really complicated for me!!! My fingers were shaking, as they find which keys to play. Despite the out-of-tune dancing of my fingers, I was so excited about the two piano pieces I'll be learning from now on...Wish me luck friends!!!