Friday, June 5, 2009

holding on to time...

I only have two days left before my last year in high school starts. No more free time. No more do-whatever-you-like days... No more fun time playing card games (speed, pusoy dos, in-between,etc.) with my cousins. No more bonding days with my family... It will soon be gloomy days at school, jotting down notes about the new set of teachers' rules and regulations etc... Okay... It might not be that bad! Let's think positive!

Let's look at the brighter side! It could be a week of new learning, instead... Plus, I'd be able to meet my friends again... (though i only got few) :p

I still can't help but feel scared that I won't be assigned in the class I used to be in. I even dreamed of seeing the list of the class I used to be in. I tried to find my surname. It was not there! It was heart breaking. T T It would really be sad for me if that happens. But it's really comforting how i get told "i miss you" a lot of times in ym by friends i haven't been seeing or talking to lately. One even told me that if ever we don't get assigned to the same class again, God might have better plans for me. Thanks so much!

If only I have a TimE-TuRner like this... (from

I'm a loyal fan of Harry Potter btw!*grins*

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

completely museless...

It's been too long since I last posted anything at all. The first half of my summer had been really fun! Now that it's just days before school starts back again, my mind feels like shredded into small bits of paper, drowned in water and shaken inside some container. I feel anxious, bored, useless and museless all at the same time.

Today, I decided to finally update my blogger. yay! And, i changed its look too! This would exactly fit my mood now. Changed my music too. I'd really recommend to anyone who'd like to put a playlist into his page.

Being totally anxious and museless, I couldn't post anything more from this uneventful week. Guess that's pretty much it for now! Thanks ^^