Monday, August 31, 2009

What i've been up to...

What I've been up to? There's not much, really... I have been really busy applying for four universities...(*doesn't feel like naming them*) It just felt so good after all the paperwork was done... My mom was very supportive and we finished it all early that I can consider myself one of the earliest in my school to have processed all the requirements needed for the four schools.

NCAE was finished and didn't even feel like it happened at all... This made me realize and conclude that when you've already taken the UPCAT exam, no other exam could ever make you feel more frustrated... We'll see for the remaining tests...

Another thing that got me busy is.... FACEBOOK!!! Gah! I got hooked! Pet Soc... Restaurant City... Farmville... It's all sooo addicting... Well, I wish I could work on limiting my playing hours... I just wish!

I've also been really museless these past few months... There's nothing creative to say as this blog obviously suggests... I've also been working on fixing my emotions and my life and felt that i should really give more time for living the real life outside my unreal imaginative world of books and blogs... So that's what I've been busy with... Soooo busy that I didn't even manage to make a page saying "In HIATUS"... I wish could've made one though, just to create a formal

To all those who cared to read this... THANKS!!! and I"M BACK! yay! haha