Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Don't know where to start...

Can't say I'm back because I know I said that before... I might be able to post something for now but I know I'll be gone again, busy with stuff, trying to live my life and run away from just dreaming... I've always been a day-dreamer, an insecure loser... They say day-dreaming is okay, writers often do that. But I just realized that I have to cease just dreaming. I have to start living while dreaming. So now I haven't read any book at all. I haven't RP'd in a long time. I have blocked myself from any formof literature or something that can pull me back to my dreamy world... All i wanted was to live life to the fullest while I'm still an innocent 4th year high student.

What I realized was that I only keep coming back to reading and writing... Dreaming... It's one of my guilty pleasures. To fill in the days when I was away without any post, here are some of my funny, unique and happy experiences...

Our last retreat in high school -
List of things that made it oh so unique and memorable:
1) The place was gorgeous! It wasn't like any of the retreat houses I've yet seen. I saw lovely benches, vines all over the place. Everything seemed like in its proper place. Ada and I was a bit crazy over many stuff we saw. We kept saying "Grabe ang ganda! Ang sarap iuwi nito!" Then we realized we kept saying the same thing that we might as well just live there. haha.

2) It was cold in there. I love love cold places even if they make me feel sick, even if it was so cold we had to go to the toilet every after session.

3) The people. My classmates were doing fun stuff I would never forget. All we did during free time was pose for the camera. And on our second day, some of them played moro-moro. One of them even accidentally hit his head on a low ceiling, on a part of it that my teacher called fascia board. Sad, but so memorable. Good thing he wasn't all that scared anymore.

4) Ada and her surprising jokes. It was the night of our first day there that it happened. We weren't feeling like joining the others while some had their own business too. We were sitting on one of those lovely benches. Then after a long chat, she asked if I'd like to join her walk around the place. We decided to go to the entrance where large letters that spelled OASIS was placed. It was near to the parking. The area was so freakin' dark. I halfheartedly kept on walking beside her after seeing how dark it was in the place where we were heading to. Then I suddenly asked her in a weak voice,"Ada, sa'n tayo pupunta?". To my misfortune, her response was "Hindi ako si Ada!". Next thing I remember that happened was that I shrieked and she also shouted, maybe surprised by my reaction. I was so afraid of her I walked huge steps back to where the others were. And when they asked me what happened, all I could say was "Grabe nakakatakot si Ada! Ang puti pa naman nung mukha niya. Tapos ang laki ng mata niya kanina." Well, it is true. Her face was really white and her eyes bulged that very moment. Anyway, that's something I would never forget and pleasingly reminisce when we part ways after graduation.

5) Projects. One of the stuff I brought with me is our class' Integrated Project Documentation. The documents and pictures of our integrated project are supposed to be artistically compiled in an album or a scrapbook. I was a member of the documentation group and we had to finish it. So me and my friends were trying to finish it during free time. To our dismay, when we came back to school, our teacher told us that the deadline was extended. Gah!

6) Many other things. The entirety of our retreat will be a memory that I'd gladly look back to in the future.

Last HighSchool Christmas Party

1) At first it felt boring. The room was hot. I felt tired. But it turned out okay anyway. The gift-giving part was fun. I was so touched by my classmates especially those who took the time to make something personal to give us. Aleka even gave all of us a picture with her with a simple note. These are things I'd really treasure.

2) Swimming! It was my first time to join a class party outside the school. We went to a classmate's resort and had fun fun fun. I played cards with some of my classmates. We swam all afternoon until the sun was out. It was very dark when we washed and dryed ourselves. This experience made me realize how time I could've spent with them but didn't because I was too afraid I couldn't relate to them. Well, even how much we wish we could turn back time, we just couldn't. All I could do is spend what's left of my time with them as happy and jolly I could be. I'll try to stop being kj, okay? haha I wish I could spend more time with my classmates. Three years just isn't enough!