Friday, April 3, 2009

"Can you keep a secret?" ('Course i can!!! especially Jack Harper's)

"Can you keep a secret?" is just another masterpiece from the New York Times Best-selling author, Sophie Kinsella who is best known for her novel, "Confessions of a Shopaholic". The latter book has recently been adapted into a movie which hit the cinemas just a few weeks ago here in the Philippines! I saw it with a friend, Kat. We totally loved it! I even considered buying a new tee that says "Veni.Vidi.Visa - Icame. I saw. I shopped." I just thought that it would be a nice souvenir. It was my first time to go malling without a family with me anyway. It must be unforgettable I thought as an excuse. But alas, after trying it on inside the fitting room, i found out that the color doesn't suit my skintone. To make it even more perfect, the shirt has no other color available for that particular design. So I ended up buying another shirt that says, "I just realized, I don't care." I still like it anyway.

I was supposed to talk about the book, "can you keep a secret", right? ;P So here's how I had the chance to read it.

My cousin went home from their dorm to spend a few days at home and attend her sister's grad. She brought this book with her and showed it to me. All I said at first was, "Oh, I know the author! That must be a good book." Then she started to tell me the plot and after a few minutes, I was in another world. As long as I'm holding that book in front of my chinky eyes, nothing else could ever exist. (No. I'm exaggerating.) Yes, I was in another world with Emma Corrigan and Jack Harper except during the times when my mom would force me to eat breakfast saying I'd have cancer if I'll let 10 am pass without eating anything. Or when she asked me to help out with the house chores, etc.

Just like in any other love story I've read or watched, I found myself so into it once again. Well, I couldn't help myself!!! Jack Harper is such a romantic!!! Emma, like you would usually expect, is an ordinary girl. Despite all the cliches, It's still amazing!!!

I can't help but grip tighter into the book when Jack comes into the scene. I couldn't help but read the words again and again when I see the name "Jack" on the page I'm reading. I started reading this from the afternoon of April 2 and finished it just this morning. Th moment I got the chance to put my chubby fingers on the computer, I found myself typing the words, "Can you keep a secret" and "Jack Harper" on Google. I know I'll get over all this! But not soon, I suppose. ;( Jack Harper would surely be in my dreams for weeks. Ugh!

If you're crazy like me. And you love being so in love with fictional charcaters. Read "Can you keep a secret?" by Sophie Kinsella. It may not be the best. But at the moment, it is for


Forgive me. I can sometimes be crazy, like this. No, most of the time actually. Can you keep this secret? lol.