Wednesday, April 1, 2009

dancing fingers...

Last night, I planned to wake up early in the morning and start to do worthwhile things, maybe do a little stretching... But alas, my mom had to wake me up at 9 in the morning. My plan was ruined! What a bad way to start my day. Then after having my breakfast, my mom forced me to clean-up and organize my stuff. It was tiring and my head felt really painful and heavy. Time flew fast, there were hardly any time left for me to pack my things up, take a shower and prepare for my 3 pm piano lessons. I hurriedly forced the remaining old books, folders, art papers, etc. in an old organizer which used to hold my toys. I took a shower a few minutes faster than my average bath (which usually takes about an hour) and did all the other necessary preparations and finally, I was done in no time. I even had the luxury of taking a nap while waiting for 2:30.

When I arrived at the piano room, my teacher wasn't there yet. When she came, I already practiced what I thought we would be playing for the day. When she came, she asked me to play the pieces I was practicing. :) nice... The notes made me feel relaxed, at peace brushing away all the headaches this day had caused me to experience. But then it couldn't be all that easy... My mentor introduced the piece I, hopefully, would be playing at the recital on October/November. I just wish I could make until then. It was really complicated for me!!! My fingers were shaking, as they find which keys to play. Despite the out-of-tune dancing of my fingers, I was so excited about the two piano pieces I'll be learning from now on...Wish me luck friends!!!