Friday, April 17, 2009

cRazyKaRt cRaze!!!

It was Jessa, one of my fave linkies, who told me about this cool game. She said it was her current addiction. You could view that comment on my c-box by the way. So, i wasn't really that much interested by then. Then my cousins told me that they have accounts in that online game and that it was indeed a cool game. I got curious and decided to check it out and see for myself. After sometime, i got sooo addicted to it that i even got past the current levels of some of my cousins. I'm not really a good player but I came to be familiar with some of the beginner's maps of the game.

To those who are bored and who are hunting for a cool game to pass the time, here's something you would surely love. Crazykart requires dowloading, but i assure you that it's worth the effort and memory of your pc. So, if you already have an account or is planning to create one, add me as a friend. Here's my username: "anajoaquin" and my nickname: "milkyknots". I would gladly race with you!:p

By the way, to anyone who cares, I'm back! I got over the creepy fear...haha...XD I badly missed blogging! woot! I missed ya guys! And Lara, don't forget the gift you promised me!!! <3